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Kirby Medical Center Expansion

Monticello, IL

As Kirby Medical Center continues to experience success, the need for expansion became a reality. Petry-Kuhne Company is privileged to partner with Kirby in constructing a new 16,000 sf expansion to their current facility and 16,000 sf renovation of the existing facility. Petry-Kuhne places a high value on partnering relationships such as the one that has been enjoyed with Kirby over numerous projects spanning a number of years. Petry-Kuhne's approach starts internally with our culture. It is exhibited on our job sites and extends beyond our projects to developing trusted partnerships with our clients, designers and trade contractors. Our objective is to establish an environment that encourages transparency, open communication and collaboration, where everyone on the team is each other’s advocate. This project has been a shining example of this philosophy.....Scheduled completion is 2019!

Project Details

PROJECT COST : $ 7,400,000

TAGS : Healthcare